Absolut at Luminato 2016


As part of its involvement in Unsound Festival at Luminato 2016 – the tastemaking “music festival like no other” – Absolut endeavoured to to create a sponsor activation like no other.
The venue was set – an abandoned power plant in downtown Toronto – and Absolut turned to Young Lions Music Club to conceptualize, develop, and execute an experience to transform the festival goer’s night completely.


Focusing on the festival-goers’ collective experience first and foremost, YL endeavoured to create a transformative experience paired with a seamless brand integration – adding to the overall Unsound experience rather than detracting from it.
Because of the large size of the venue, YL wanted to create something impactful that would stand as its own experience, away from the main stage, but that would allow the festival goer to experience the main stage music in a relaxed environment and allow for people to take in the Absolut experience at their own pace.


By bringing together a team of nationally-renowned multidisciplinary artists, YLMC created the ‘Blue Room’ – the most comfortable, immersive, sensor-heightening, good vibes area imaginable. It featured a shag carpet bed, screen printed pillows, and an audio-responsive, hanging chandelier that was a canvas for 360 projections which guests could manipulate by singing/shouting into a microphone.